• Rabbi Lev Herrnson

Your Ketubah: Choose the Right Pen!

Updated: Apr 11

After having invested weeks or even months to painstakingly select just the right ketubah, take care not to ruin it. The pen you use to sign your name might contain ink that will bleed, run or even feather, ruining your art piece right before your eyes.

Some ketubah sellers provide you with a pen and even a scrap of the same paper from which your ketubah is made. You can then test out the feel of the pen and also be assured that the ink won’t ruin the document.

If your ketubah doesn’t come with a pen, buy one or two fine-tipped pens from a local art store (the sales person can help you choose fade resistant, archival qualities pens) and test them out on a corner on the back of the document. If the paper is textured on the front side, you might choose to test the pen on the front side in a corner where matting and framing will cover your test marks.

It would also be best to choose a pen containing ink that will not dull or fade over the very many years of your happy marriage. And if you choose to frame your ketubah, you might invest in conservation glass that will protect the colors of your document from fading over the years.

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