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​By taking this step together, you and your intended are making a statement about your commitment to one another, your shared values, and your belief that you are an integral part of a shared, interconnected universe.  Jewish wedding rituals are truly beautiful, full of symbolism and tradition.  The fundamental elements of a Jewish wedding have evolved over many generations to help enhance your connection to one another, your families, the local Jewish community and the Jewish people in general.  Jewish wedding rituals create a vessel intended to capture the rich feelings of joy and love, awe and wonder, allowing us to give expression to our highest selves and emotions.  A Jewish ceremony permits us to feel closer to the mysteries of the universe and God, even if for a few moments.  A Jewish wedding offers a deep sense of continuity, providing the sacred space to make your ceremony deeply meaningful and memorable.  Every Jewish wedding is a celebration!

Visit Wedding FAQs and Resources for additional helpful information.


Rabbi Lev Herrnson officiates at weddings and other Jewish life cycle events on LI and in NY
Rabbi Lev Herrnson officiates at weddings and other Jewish life cycle events on LI and in NY


Every Jewish life cycle event is a special occasion, deserving loving care, sensitivity and attention to detail.  You want your wedding celebration to be the most memorable public moment of your lives today.

I’ll do my best to impart a genuine sense of spirituality, affection, nobility, ritual and tradition to your nuptials.  Together we’ll identify your priorities, address any questions you may have about Jewish custom and practice, and design a ceremony that is memorable and cherished for years to come.  I am available for life cycle events in the greater New York area as well as destination weddings and other Jewish events.  I would be pleased to meet with you to discuss your family’s needs and requirements.

New York State has no specific licensing requirements.  However, I am registered by the City of New York as an official Marriage Officiant.  Requirements in other cities, states and countries may vary.  Upon request, I am happy to review the governmental requirements of your anticipated setting.

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