Feedback can be inspiring, educational and yes, sometimes even funny.  You’ll find comments here from former celebrants and, alas, bereaved families too.

For those of you whom I’ve already served, I’d be delighted to hear from you.  Please provide feedback.

Jessica & Jonathan

From start to finish, Rabbi Lev was outstanding. He is incredibly warm and organized, and he truly enjoys getting to know his couples. This was very much evident during the beautiful ceremony he conducted, and many of our guests commented on what a wonderful job he did. Simply put, we could not have picked a better officiant for our wedding ceremony, and we felt so fortunate to have Rabbi Lev there with us on the most important day of our lives.

Jodie & Josh

We immediately knew we wanted Rabbi Lev and he proved to be a dream to work with. He was professional, instructive, and most notably, he was warm, supportive, and exhibited a genuine curiosity about us, our relationship, and how we work as a couple. Our entire experience was seamless and enriching. He made the preparation fun, and our experience itself was better than we could have imagined. Rabbi Lev balanced warmth, humor, and spirituality to make our service loving and entertaining.  We received so many compliments about him and the ceremony. We look forward to having him with us during other significant life events.

Nicole & Josh

We can't even begin to thank you for how perfect our wedding was. You made the ceremony so warm, thoughtful, eloquent, and meaningful.  Our parents and guests (and us as well) were so touched by the ceremony!  And everything leading up to the ceremony--your assistance in selecting our ketubah, our discussions about the nuances of our ceremony, and your level of care and attention to detail, was perfect.  Thank you again. We hope to see you soon.

Rebecca & Michael

We searched for a rabbi that would get to know us, not just an officiant who would marry us. It was a tough process until we found Rabbi Lev. He is one in a million! Rabbi Lev truly cares about his couples and their well-being. He explained the Jewish wedding rituals and took the time to learn about us as individuals and as a couple. Rabbi Lev is forthcoming with his messages and provides meaning with his own personal stories on marriage and living a Jewish life. Whenever we had a question, big or small, he was there to help guide us. Our ceremony was beautiful and showcased how well he came to know us both. He spoke eloquently and captivated the attention of our friends and family. People came up to us afterwards, and still do today, to tell us how beautiful and meaningful our ceremony was. Rabbi Lev is a mitzvah in our lives and helped make our wedding extra special! 

Carly & Jason

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you Rabbi Lev. We enjoyed every moment under the chuppah and are grateful to call you our rabbi! Your remarks during our ceremony were absolutely amazing, especially how you connected Judaism to our love in such a special way. We also loved our ketubah ceremony, which you made entertaining and fun. Thank you again for taking the time to get to know us and guide us.

Amanda & Bradley


It was an honor to have Rabbi Lev officiate at our wedding.  His entire process, from the start and right up to our wedding day, was loving, caring and honest.  We were especially touched that he took the time to learn our "love story" and a lot about our respective backgrounds before the big day.  Also, Rabbi Lev traveled—without hesitation, from out of state to Baltimore (Amanda’s hometown) for the ceremony.  We loved, along with our guests, his kind words to us under the chuppah.  I have a special place in my heart for Rabbi Lev and would recommend him to anyone!

Lizzie & Gil

We are overwhelmed with joy and excitement.  Last night was the most amazing night of our lives.  Everything was perfect.  We are especially pleased with how the ceremony was conducted.  Your execution of the service was both meaningful and just as we had envisioned.  The ketubah-signing was sentimental and comical at the same time; we enjoyed the signing ceremony all the more because of your addition of humor.  Thank you once again for taking the time to get to know us and your assistance with this glorious event.  We are so very pleased.

Sandra & Adam

After all these years, it still brings a smile to our faces to remember our wedding ceremony.  Rabbi Lev really got to know us as individuals and as a couple, and from there he wove a rich tapestry made unforgettable by his warmth, attention to detail and sense of humor.  We felt completely at ease and very grateful that we had found someone who possesses such a beautiful combination of intelligence, wit, and grace.  Having Rabbi Lev as officiant at our wedding made it a profound and unforgettable experience.

Sheila & David
Renewal of Vows

Rabbi Lev officiated at our Renewal of Vows Ceremony, a surprise I planned for my wife’s 50th birthday.  The party was an informal affair in our backyard, with close friends and family present. While a caterer supplied delicious food, and a live band brought the party to life, Rabbi Lev took it to the next level.  Rabbi Lev is a special individual; he makes you feel like you've known each other and been friends for a long time.  His warmth and witty sense of humor made the party a truly memorable event.  I wish Rabbi Lev had officiated our wedding 27 years ago!

Shira & Seth

We truly enjoyed our meetings with Rabbi Lev as he showed genuine interest in us, and he always provided fascinating information about Judaism and married life in general.  Rabbi Lev went out of his way to get to know us; it is clear that he thoroughly enjoys meeting and counseling engaged couples.  His words at our Ketubah signing and wedding ceremony were beautiful.  Friends and guests still talk about how interesting and thoughtful our ceremony was.  We look forward to having Rabbi Lev officiate at many more happy occasions in our life together, as he’s already done for other members of our family!

Jew by Choice
Conversion to Judaism

I was uncertain what to expect when I began my conversion to Judaism journey.  I felt excited, but also uneasy and intimidated by what I might face.  Rabbi Lev quickly eased any of my fears with his warm personality, his patience, and kindness.  Studying under him has been a most meaningful and enlightening experience and has inspired me to be the best Jewish person I can be.  My husband and I will be forever grateful for his sincere dedication to my conversion process and me.  We truly feel that we have found a lifelong mentor and friend in Rabbi Lev!

Michelle & Jonas

Thank you for making our wedding so special. The ceremony was exactly as we had hoped for and more--it was warm and personal, and the way you captured us both individually and as a couple was perfect. Your presence under the chuppah was calming, which allowed us both to feel relaxed and for our true happiness to shine. We appreciate all the time you spent with us prior to the wedding, educating us about Jewish wedding traditions, as well as guiding us and answering all of our questions.  We had the most amazing day!

Stephanie & Mike

We wanted to feel a real connection with the rabbi officiating at our wedding; Rabbi Lev gave us that feeling. From our first meeting in his family's sukkah, we were impressed by Rabbi Lev’s knowledge and thoughtfulness. Rabbi Lev helped us to prepare for our big day in so many ways. He took a special interest in and got to know us, which was clearly evident during our wedding ceremony. Our guests remarked that they felt love and warmth coming from under the chuppah and throughout the room. Rabbi Lev, thank you for all of your guidance and attention to detail. We cannot wait to celebrate more of life's simchas with you!

Lauren & Gary

Working with Rabbi Lev was such a wonderful experience. From the very beginning, he made us feel comfortable and helped us to feel prepared for our big day! Our ceremony was exactly as we had always dreamed of it, and Rabbi Lev was a big part of that.  Family and friends still talk about how loving and personal it was. We are so happy with our memories of that day! Thank you Rabbi Lev!

Amanda & Ian

Rabbi Lev was, from the very start of our wedding journey, sincere, generous and sensitive. He took the time, in a caring way, to get to know us and helped us to address questions concerning our Ketubah, our wedding program, all of the items needed under the chuppah, and even the kippot. Rabbi Lev helped us navigate our parents’ wishes for a more traditional Ketubah text; his openness and flexibility was refreshing. Rabbi Lev performed the Ketubah signing and wedding ceremony with grace, explanation and humor. We can’t wait for a bris or baby naming so that Rabbi Lev can be there with us again!

Alice & Nathaniel

Rabbi Lev was very kind, gracious, and endearing.  He really made us feel special and took a lot of time to get to know us as individuals and as a couple before the wedding. Rabbi Lev respected our differences and beliefs, and made our wedding ceremony truly unique and inspirational. We were very pleased with both his advice and tact. Thank you, Rabbi Lev, for making our wedding ceremony such an amazing success.

Dara & Mike


Rabbi Lev made our wedding day truly more special and memorable than we ever could have imagined!  We received so many compliments on the ceremony.  Our family and friends noted how it conveyed all the reasons why we are so great together and what we value as a couple.  Rabbi Lev incorporated all the Jewish traditions we wanted into a warm, heartfelt, and personal service.  We can’t thank him enough for being part of our special day!

Clara & Arnaud

Our situation is unique in that we are French, but we met in NYC. When we decided to return to the NYC for our destination wedding, we needed to find a rabbi who would get to know us, understand our culture, and give voice to both in our wedding ceremony. We are lucky to have found Rabbi Lev! Rabbi Lev was well-organized and walked us through the process.  We really got to know each other well and we were pleased to have him as our wedding officiant. Everybody loved the ceremony, especially his sweet and thoughtful remarks about us. Thank you, Rabbi Lev!

Erika & Haim

We are so grateful to have had Rabbi Lev serve as officiant at our wedding. He displayed a genuine professionalism throughout the entire marriage process. Rabbi Lev offered the perfect mixture of seriousness and levity. He explained the Ketubah-signing process with eloquence, and then topped it off with a few lighthearted jokes to prepare us for the procession. He made everyone feel comfortable and welcome. Our parents and guests couldn't have been more pleased.

Natasha & Sasha

When planning our wedding ceremony, my husband and I stressed how important it was to us that it be very personal.  As our officiant, Rabbi Lev went above and beyond our expectations!  He listened to all of our needs, went over the ceremony with us in every detail, and made it very personal.  Rabbi Lev performed a very thoughtful and meaningful Jewish ceremony while incorporating many reflections about us as individuals, as a couple, and even spoke about our families.  Our friends and family continue to tell us that it was the most beautiful wedding ceremony they have ever attended!  We are sincerely grateful to have had him officiate our wedding!

Dror & Elisa


On the day of our wedding, Rabbi Lev performed beautifully.  He was extremely well prepared, having met with us on multiple occasions prior to that day.  Rabbi Lev’s command of Jewish rituals and customs was impressive, and exceeded our expectations.  He presided over the ceremony with humor, intellect and wisdom.  While Rabbi Lev is very charismatic, he made the wedding about us, capturing our essence as individuals and as a couple.  Most significantly for us was his ability to integrate our family and friends into the sacred rituals in a manner that felt like we were all in it together.  It was a truly precious feeling that we will never forget.

Abby & Brad
Baby Naming

Rabbi Lev officiated at our daughter's naming ceremony.  We held the event in our home and Rabbi Lev blended in like he was part of our family.  We all felt so comfortable with him as he introduced our little girl to the Jewish people by sharing her Hebrew name for the first time.  Rabbi Lev consulted with us to create a  celebration that reflected who we are as a couple--and now a family, and everyone remarked that the ceremony reflected our values and our "style." Rabbi Lev also involved many, many of our guests in the ceremony, all of whom received a copy of the beautiful booklet he helped us to create.

Elsie & Tom

Thank you for your service today, Rabbi Lev. Everything about our father's funeral service and burial was perfect. We especially appreciated the time you took to explain the various Jewish customs and practices related to mourning, and the eulogy about Dad was spot on. Your patient guidance and compassionate approach made the day especially meaningful and poignant. 

David, Debbie & Diane

Rabbi Lev did a beautiful job officiating at our mom’s funeral and unveiling over the past year.  During an extremely difficult time, his words of comfort, thoughtful approach to her eulogy and his tender sprinkling of humor at just the right moments helped us get through it together.  We were lucky that Lev actually knew our mom so he was able to not only convey all the important stories and accomplishments of her life, but added his own heartfelt perspective that we know she would have appreciated so much.

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