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Alice & Nathaniel's Chuppah, comprised of an avalanche of fresh flowers, was especially beautiful
My Wedding Philosophy

Open to Innovation; Respectful of Tradition
Every Jew deserves to feel the embrace of Judaism, which is to say that I am quite progressive in my approach to Judaism.  I also have a great appreciation for Jewish tradition.  For this reason, I work with every couple, from all walks of Jewish life, to express creativity within the traditional framework.  My intention is to give voice to the tradition as well as respect the individuality and uniqueness of each couple.

The performance of weddings is a significant part of my rabbinate.  I see great value in helping couples find meaning in our Jewish wedding traditions.  Just as it marks the start of a lifetime and a family together, your wedding also serves as a platform for your embrace of Jewish living.  Helping you to find meaning—at the start of your Jewish journey as a married couple, is a humbling and thrilling opportunity, one that I regard as the principal part of my service to the Jewish community.

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