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Renewal of Wedding Vows

Why not celebrate?  If you’ve been blessed with many happy years of marriage together, why not invoke elements of our Jewish tradition on your milestone-wedding anniversary?  On occasion, the couple’s children have actually retained my services as a surprise at their parents’ anniversary party!  In collaboration with the happy couple (or their doting loved ones), we’ll tailor a highly personalized ceremony to celebrate a marriage of reverence and enchantment. 

While not a wedding, a renewal of vows ceremony may borrow from the Jewish tradition, and also capture some of the tender moments since your wedding took place, perhaps ten, fifteen, twenty-five, or even fifty years ago.  Let’s face it: you’ve shared a lot together!  The history of your marriage will provide many noteworthy anecdotes and sustained motifs which can be distilled into a meaningful celebration, one which will kick off the next five, ten, or even fifty years!

The customary honorarium for my services at a renewal of vows ceremony in Nassau County is $1,100.  If applicable, travel expenses outside of the Nassau County area and lodging are paid for by the couple.  The honorarium includes the actual ceremony and a suggested one to two meetings with me (either live or virtual).

David surprised Sheila on her special birthday by renewing their marriage vows at a backyard party.

Sheila and David planned a party in their backyard in honor of her special birthday.  What Sheila didn't know is that David planned to surprise her by renewing their wedding vows that evening.  Rabbi Lev H and David made the arrangements and Sheila was surprised--and so very moved by the gesture.

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