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The Wedding Ceremony:  Fundamental Components

The Jewish wedding ceremony is comprised of a number of traditional, time-tested components, which can be tailored and made especially memorable.  In addition, there are opportunities for additional personalization immediately before and after the ceremony.  Your wedding might include some or all of the following:

Before the Ceremony
a. Signing of the state marriage licence

b. Signing of the Ketubah (Marriage Agreement)
c. Bedekin (Veiling of the Bride)

Actual Ceremony
a. Chuppah (Wedding Canopy)
b. Circling
c. Erusin (Betrothal)—first part of the ceremony, including the betrothal blessings and presentation of one wedding ring, or an exchange of rings

d. Reading of the Ketubah

e. D'var Torah--a brief talk about a Jewish custom or tradition and how it relates to the couple being married
f. Nessuin (Nuptials)—second part of the ceremony, including the 
Sheva Berachot (Seven Blessings)

g. Breaking the Glass

After the Ceremony
a. Yichud (Alone Time Together)
b. Seudat Mitzvah (Festive Meal)


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