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Brides Prefer Blondes: Why White Wine?

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

Use white wine at your wedding.

Your rabbi will ask you to bring a bottle of kosher white wine to the wedding. No, s/he’s not planning on drinking a few l’chayims with you. The wine is for the blessings under the chuppah (wedding canopy). It doesn’t need to be the best vintage, just white and kosher. Why white wine? During the ceremony, if the wine spills, splashes or splatters, and a drop or two lands on your dress, your gown won’t be ruined. Why kosher wine? This is your big, Jewish day. It’s a Jewish wedding! So why not have the rabbi recite the blessings over kosher wine to seal the deal. Make certain to pull the cork before leaving your house so that no one needs to fumble to open the bottle once the ceremony has started.

There are additional other reasons to use kosher white wine. White wine is transparent, signifying the clarity and purity desirable in any loving and caring relationship. Good white wines are especially light, fresh, crisp and refreshing. Reflecting back on your marriage after years of being married together, wouldn’t you want use words like fresh and refreshing to describe your union? The fanciest of dinner parties will start with white wine and move to darker vintages over the course of the meal. As this is the start of your many years together, why not start with white wine? Wine symbolizes your joy as a couple. So be it for your many years together!

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